VMware – Converter Standalone (Hyper-V to VMware)

Moving VM’s from one environment can be tricky, lucky for us VMware have got our backs with the converter which does all the hard work, normally moving from one host to another is easy enough with a live migration or something similar, but if we are moving from one Hyper-visor to another things get complicated. Not with the converter… in our example we are moving a VM from Hyper-V to VMware. You can download the converter straight off the VMware KB: https://www.vmware.com/products/converter.html Then just install it on the VM you wish to move, though

please note this will not move over snapshots.











You can either choose to install this on a client-server (recommended if you have multiple VM’s to shift and need to keep an eye on them) or you can just choose to install it locally on the VM, in this case we are going to install locally as we are only moving 1 VM to our new host.











Then once installed we are going to choose Convert Machine:







Then you can either do this with it being powered off, or on still. I’m going to keep mine on. and simply fill out the source machine details:


Then once you have selected this you will be asked to provide details of the environment you are moving to, fill in the details of the vcenter or vsphere IP here rather than the host.


You should then see a list of VM’s in your environment you are moving to, confirm this select and go to next:


Confirm the host and storage details and proceed:


Then confirm your options, vCPU’s, Memory, etc. You can leave the defaults and it will copy what the VM already has it’s current host:


Then confirm and finish, you will then see the progress in the Converter with all relevant details:

The converter can also be used in P2V scenarios also and is quite granular with what it can do. Once this is completed, I would shut down the VM on the old Environment and label it accordingly:

















I always like to keep the VM on the old environment for 3 months of so then delete it, so I normally turn it off and put in brackets (VMware) so I know its in that environment. Then power it up in your new environment and give it the same IP if you wish.

Important Notes:

  • When you have moved the VM over don’t forget to allow RDP and disable windows firewall, or you wont be able to RDP to the machine or resolve DNS from the new IP. Only disable Windows firewall if you have another 3rd party application you wish to use in place of it.

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