Install and configure Windows Deployment Services

Install and configure Windows Deployment Services on Windows Server 2012 R2 with ease..

You will need to install WDS through ”Add Roles and features”

Go to server manager then to add roles and features:



Then click Next and choose Role-based or feature-based installation and click next:



Confirm the server name and select Windows Deployment Services


Then click next until you click finish the defaults can be kept as they are.

After the feature is installed you will need to Restart.

Load into Windows Deployment Services then right click your server and click Configure Server:


Then you can either choose to have it integrated with Active Directory or as a Standalone Server, For my example I’ll choose Standalone:







Then choose your remote install path, I’ll keep mine as default:






Then choose your PXE Server intial settings, I’m going to choose Respond to all client computers (Known and unknown):








Then you can add images or untick the box and click finish.

Configure DHCP settings:

Assuming you have a DHCP server configured in your environment we want to set the scope options for any device wanting to use PXE on your LAN Client range, if you have multiple Scopes you will want to configure this on any scope you are wanting to use.

Navigate to your DHCP server and go to DHCP:

I have removed the IP addresses and kept the Scope Name’s just as an example of a typical DHCP server set up, Navigate to the Scope that is dishing out IP’s to LAN Clients – In my example its the LAN Client Scope, you will need to add in the two Scope options 066 Boot Server Host Name which will be your server hostname .domain for example

You will also need to add in the Scope option 067 Bootfile Name which is boot\x86\

All this will do is any device on that particular scope that is plugged in with an Ethernet cable and that has PXE enabled will then grab that config from your deployment server and allow the network to pull the boot file from there and deploy images over PXE.

Once you have completed this refer to my next guide:

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