Removing the password on Cisco 800 & 2600 Series Router


Easily remove the enable passwords and reset the routers to factory default..

I’m doing this on a Cisco 881 Router but I’m pretty sure this method works on a wide variety of switches so feel free to give it a shot, at your own risk of course.


















As you can see from the image above you will need to connect in via the console cable, if you do not have a serial port on your laptop/desktop you will need a Serial to USB adapter which you can pickup from most IT Stores.

Load into the router using Putty and you will need to interrupt the boot process by using the Ctrl + break key (it may also be called Pause) some keyboards you may have to use the Fn function key to use the Ctrl + Break method, so just power cycle your equipment and on bootup press Ctrl + Break together in Putty and this should display as the output below (on a dell Laptop its FN + Ctrl + B:








Then type

confreg 0x2142




Then type



this will reset the switch

When this comes back the router will ignore its saved configuration in NVRAM, then we can do password recovery.

This will then prompt you if you want to enter the initial config dialog? – Type n

see output:












once you are past this you will then be presented with Router> in user mode:












Then type ->



this will take you into privileged mode as you can see by the # sign

see output:












from here you can then proceed to remove the password with the command:

Router#conf t
Router (config)#no enable secret
Router (config)#

This will disable the password on the router.

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