Cisco Telephony – Register a 3rd Party SIP Device on CUCM

Adding in a 3rd party device step by step – in this example I will be adding a Lifesize VC unit to use Voice on our network using the SIP protocol.

I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get this this VC unit to work in sync with Call Manager, I did some digging and figured out exactly how to get it working, below are some simple steps on how to get this working.


  • Plugged the 3rd party device into a port that with a voice vlan activated, this port will also need to communicate with CUCM so if its a port a normal Cisco telephone uses it should work fine
  • A free extension number – you can use Route Plan Report to assist you
  1. Once the device is plugged in locate the IP Address, or assign it one depending if your using DHCP, In my example for the Lifestyle VC unit I am using DHCP, you can find this on the Lifestyle VC units by going to System > Info > Network > IP address
  2. Go to your CUCM and log in, Then go to System > Security > Phone Security Profile



















3. Ensure you already have the Third-Party SIP Device Basic – Standard Non-Secure profile installed on CUCM

4. You don’t need to click on it, just simply click ”Add New” as we will be creating a new Security Profile, then select Third Party SIP Device (Basic)









Then Select Next

5. Then input the name of your 3rd party device and the description can be whatever you like, I have simply copied the Product Type, set transport type to TCP+UDP and tick Enable Digest Authentication as we will be creating an end user to allow this un-trusted device to work with Call Manager. Leave the default options for the phone port.














Then click save and apply config.

6. Go to User Management > End User







Then ”Add New”






















Ensure your account has the above settings set, where in this example the pin is 12345 and also the password and digest credentials.

You can do the username first name surname properly, in this example I have kept it unique so I can find it easier later.

7. Navigate to Device > Phone and Click ”Add New”












Then find Third-Party SIP Device (Basic) and click next:











You can register the device under a fake MAC address it doesn’t matter too much as its a non-Cisco device, ensure you have chosen The options below:



























Then save and apply settings.

8. Add the line using the extension you have already (Use route plan report if you need a free extension)

























Then save and apply config.

9. Logging into your 3rd Party device, now this could be X-Lite or any other form of Softphone so you may have to dig for the config usually in the settings somewhere, in my particular example I am going to log into the Lifesize VC unit by IP on Chrome.










Ignore any certificate errors and continue, the username is usually support and the password is also support, check with your supplier if your unsure.

10. Once logged on find SIP Registrar 2, we can’t use 1 as that’s in use by the unit itself

Then fill out the details below usually they are similar to the options below some ask you for a domain name which is your Call Manager IP Address in this case it asks for Registrar hostname which is the same.


















Once you click save you should see your device has registered







You can double check on call manager if you go back to the device

















  • If you are using the device to call externally in a production environment you need to configure the CSS (Calling Search Space)



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